Love, Nostalgia

Designed at HTC Creative Labs
‍Exploring the future of smart jewelry, the Pebble bracelet is inspired by romance and history. 

The Pebble bracelet tracks and helps manage anxiety through measuring of vitals while interacting with the rippling stone.

Pebble is inspired by worry stones, which have many cultural origins. Variations on the concept are found in multiple Native American tribes, Ancient Greek, Tibetan and Irish cultures. 

Worry stones are usually thumb sized polished stones, which are rubbed between the thumb and forefinger for therapeutic and spiritual purposes.

Pebble is comprised of two parts: a bracelet and a stone. The bracelet tracks emotion through a variety of sensors on the wrist, while the stone is magnetically held in place. It can be easily removed and rubbed between the fingers. 

The stone has two sides: a smooth polished metal side, and a rippling textured silicone side. The stone has touch sensors beneath the surface of each side which detect how is is being rubbed along with how the user is feeling.

Pebble was extensively prototyped to refine the experience, ergonomics, interaction, aesthetics and material.