The Hearth

Designed at Industrial Craft
Inspired by fire—one of the oldest rituals in human history—The Hearth re-imagines the experience of cuddling around the fireplace for the green home of the future. By using electricity and centralizing heat, The Hearth efficiently and sustainably brings warmth to our homes.

Turning the tabletop clockwise turns on The Hearth and functions as a temperature control. The rotating tabletop opens up the fins letting out more heat. Turning the tabletop counterclockwise turns down the temperature until it is off.

Off — fins closed
On — fins open

The Hearth is essentially a very large space heater. It pulls in air from hidden ducts on its underside, then heats the air with a ceramic filament—visually reminiscent of a fire. The air is then expelled through the fins fanning out 360 degrees.

Dwell Design Awards 2021
Best Furniture
Community Pick